Professional pack: 20 needles + handpiece

Professional pack: 20 needles + handpiece


For projects requiring a significant amount of imaging, we recommend our Professional Pack. Containing 20 imaging needles and 1 hand piece, this pack will provide sufficient optics hardware for larger projects.

Each imaging needle contains focusing optics optimised for 1300nm near infrared light, and connects to the Miniprobes' handpiece.

Needle shaft length 57 mm. Outer diameter 640 microns.

The number of uses of a needle will vary, depending on the sample material that the imaging needle is being inserted into, and cleaning and care of the imaging needle.

The Miniprobes' handpiece is a fully-encapsulated interferometer, specifically designed to get optimal images out of our imaging needles.

Our handpiece contains a 90:10 coupler splitting the light beam into sample and reference paths, and optics terminating the reference path. Our handpiece has an SMF-28 optical fiber that you can connect to your optical system using a standard FC/APC fiber connection.

Price quoted in USD$. Customer is liable for duty/customs fees in their country.

Lead time (between ordering and shipping): 4 weeks.

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