3D scanning probe

3D scanning probe

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Preorder now. Our 3D scanning probe will be shipping October 2018.

Our low-cost 3D scanning probe contains an optical fiber tipped with a microlens, optimised for 1300nm light and capable of acquiring high quality OCT images. It is built to work in contact mode, where the probe is held in contact with the surface being examined.

We acquire 3D scans by spiralling the lensed-fiber to fully cover a 5mm circular field of view. The probe contains control electronics and a non-rechargeable battery with 8 hours of scan time. A small switch turns the probe off when not in use.

Probe length 138mm. Outer diameter 10mm.

Our probe has an SMF-28 optical fiber that you can connect to your OCT system using a standard FC/APC fiber connection.

Price quoted in USD$. Customer is liable for duty/customs fees in their country.

Product scheduled for release in October 2018.

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